Final Class Thursday: Presentations, TCEs


I hope you all had a good holiday weekend.

Thursday will be our last time gathering as a group. I am looking forward to reflecting on the discussions and themes that have arisen throughout the quarter. I am also expecting each group to present their projects for questions and feedback.


Each team will have a maximum of 15 minutes (i.e. 10 minutes to present plus 5 minutes for Q+A/discussion). During your presentations please plan on discussing:

  • Key Insights
  • Recommendations
  • Why you believe the recommendations you are making are actionable, actionable, relevant and appropriate for the organization’s future sustainability
  • What  you believe is the primary “value” you brought to your client


I will leave 15 minutes at the end of class to complete TCEs. Don’t forget to bring a device if you plan on completing the TCE in class.

I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday – (and some of you before that for your final presentations to clients.)


Harlem Children’s Zone

Thanks for a great class last night -and your observations about the opportunities (and challenges) of trying to think about Collective Impact in the social entrepreneurship sphere.

Before I forget here’s some information about the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), which was founded by Geoffrey Canada in 1997 and focused originally on 24 New York City Blocks.

  • This is a good top-level look at assessing HCZ and the factors contributing to success – as well as consideration of what makes success replicable (or not).
  • There is a good overview of the program and its evolution (which got a lot of attention when it was originally published) called “Whatever it Takes” by Paul Tough.

I’ll send along a guide for our December 4th class time early next week. If you have suggestions about what would be most useful for you or your team during this time please email.

Have a great Thanksgiving break,


Next week: Week 9!

Good morning,

I’ve updated the final presentation calendar on Canvas. Please review it and make sure the information posted is correct for your team.


We will be in Room 2245 on Thursday.


Please do the required readings:

We will do a quick check in on team projects, I’ll give a short lecture about Collective Impact and then we will do a workshop to dissect the case studies. You can pick any of the studies you like. (I encourage some of you to pick one of the studies OTHER than Chicago.) Case studies are extremely short so feel free to look at the references or research cited at the end of the study to get a better idea of the elements.

LAST WEEK-November 13th

Thanks for the engaged discussion last week with John. He crammed a LOT in that presentation – and you asked terrific questions. I am working on getting John’s slide deck as well as an edited version of the video up online as soon as they’re in my hands.


Reminder: We do not have class the week of November 24. Our last class together will be December 4th. Each team will present their projects during the final week using an abbreviated format (obviously) and we’ll have some time to discuss the course overall.

See you Thursday in 2245.


John Tolva will help us consider “The Value of Open” for social enterprise

jtolva_photoOn November 13th we will be hosting John Tolva, President of PositivEnergy Practice former CTO of the City of Chicago at Kellogg. John is a dynamic speaker with an incredible vision for how cities can function as platforms for progressive social change. He’ll be sharing thoughts with us about what the value of “open” is (and might not be) for the civic and private sectors.

KIEI 452 is co-hosting John’s talk and the reception that follows. I’d love to see our class lead the group with engaged and informed questions!

Please read Alfred & Alfred, “From Entrepreneurs to Civic Entrepreneurs (Code for America, 2013) and consider the ways in which being more (or less) “open” may have implications for your client and their social enterprise.

(If this stuff gets your juices flowing you’ll probably like just about anything in Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation (Links to an external site.) – available for free online.)

Site Visit Lab with Christy Uchida; Updated Required Reading

11/4/ 14

Good morning,


If you have been unable to access the Jason Saul (Chapter 3 in The End of Fundraising), please use this alternate reading: 

On Thursday, we will host Christy Uchida, Senior Program Officer from the Brinson Foundation. She will share some of her career pathway and, in particular, the ways in which she was asked to think about impact and measurement in her roles running a growing nonprofit, heading a corporate community giving area and, now as a senior program officer for a leading family foundation.


After an initial presentation and some Q & A it will be YOUR TURN. This is your chance to ask for money for your organization. (Not real money. Pretend money. But a real conversation).

INSTRUCTIONS: You will have 3 minutes to describe your social enterprise and an area need of funding/investment. Be ready to talk about your social enterprise’s mission, goals, intended impact and what you need money for & why the funding will matter to the work at hand. This can be an informal presentation; you don’t have to have slides or documents.  Most of this should be familiar at this point.

Christy will be doing some prepatory work to familiarize herself with each of your organizations, just as she would for any site visit.

I look forward to an interactive class and to giving you all the chance to experience what a site visit on behalf of your social enterprise might be like.


Weekly Reports – A Primer

Hi Folks,

I imagine by now some of you are wondering “What is supposed to go in that weekly report again?” – probably because I wasn’t very specific last week.  Weekly Reports need to describe current objectives, intended activities, insights from the previous week and work to date, and anticipated goals for the following week.

For Week 2 specifically I’d like to see:

  • Completed project management summary that includes an updated/refined scope with some explanation of why the evolution has occurred (if the scope didn’t change no problem!)
  • I will be looking for (in particular) your understanding of the deliverables and what will be involved in being able to deliver the deliverables.

Future reports should include (minimally)

¨ The team’s next 3 steps and why are these the “right ones” now given the overall project

¨ Concerns, challenges or obstacles your team is facing

¨ Resources your team needs to complete your project

¨ Your recent agendas from your most recent client meeting and your most recent team meeting

Next Steps for Week 2

Thanks for a great first class and for your apt interrogations of clients during your breakout sessions!


By the end of Week 2 you should have

  • met with your clients on site. Be ready with an agenda that (minimally) includes: review of what you have been working on, any findings, key questions for input/brainstorming, next steps and assignments, expected deliverables by Week 3.
  • established a project timeline, a refined scope, and a fairly explicity understanding of the deliverables you are working towards. Please be sure to get your clients to sign off on these and be ready to give them to me when we next meet (October 9th).
  • established a standing weekly meeting with your client.
  • uploaded a weekly report for your team for me to review.