Preparing for the First Day of Class

Dear class,

Thanks for your responsiveness these past two weeks! We’ve got a group of incredibly talented people with really interesting and diverse experiences in our class this quarter. I’m looking forward to the next 10 weeks and our conversations. I’m particularly excited to see how we connect the readings and theories we explore through the formal syllabus in class with the “out in the world” work you’re about to engage in.

Irrespective of the specific project teams work with our class together will be about reflective practice, client management and team collaboration. We will be collectively brainstorming, analyzing social enterprise strategies, and honing our critique of what “social entrepreneurship” can and should mean.

The list of teams and members is available below. (Check the Canvas site if you need email addresses for your team members). I have tried to be as deliberate as possible to build strong teams and match them well with our clients. I encourage you to begin collaborating with your team members before the class begins.

I am working with clients to further refine the scope of the projects and I will share updated project summaries before the first class. In the meantime, here are some instructions for how to get ready for our first class together:


  1. Review your client’s website: You should at least be familiar with all the material posted on the website. Your time is limited with the client on the first day, so you should focus on their needs and the project rather than on background information that you can review and digest in advance. Jot down questions for your first meeting with the client on additional information that you would like.
  2. Research the industry; Take a few moments to research the organization in terms of the context of its industry in order to begin to identify who are the key competitors, important analogies and the relative uniqueness of their product or service.


  1. Meet Your Team: Please mark your calendar to come to class 1 hour early on September 25. Class will take place in Room G43, Donald Jacobs Center, 2001 Sheridan Road. I’ll have some refreshments. You’ll have some time to meet your teammates, identify times when you can meet together each week and learn about interests and experiences as they pertain to your client’s project.
  1. Dress professionally: You do not have to wear business attire, but the usual student attire is not acceptable for the first meeting with the client. I want the first impression formed by the client that they are getting the best of what Kellogg is all about. Please help set a professional tone at the outset.

See you soon,



Blue 1647 Ka Wai (Vincent) Cheung
Blue 1647 Matt Saragih
Blue 1647 Tommy Jackson
Blue 1647 Alice Ham
CPL Natalie Bookey-Baker
CPL Emily Basten
CPL John Pircon
CPL Jinglu Zhang
Data Analysts Visha Chadha
Data Analysts Youngjae Jeon
Data Analysts Tiffany Lung
Data Analysts Alyssa Schroeder
Free Spirit Javier Bernuy Giraudi Fuentes
Free Spirit Natalie Bilik
Free Spirit Ashley DeVecht
Free Spirit Elizabeth Santos
IFF Noah Bleicher
IFF Nicolas Izquierdo Chadwick
IFF Navjeet Sandhu
IFF Aubrey Schwoerer
JES Adam Brown
JES Yilei Huang
JES Namrata Kothari
JES Namrata Mujumdar
SloFIG Aaron Maat
SloFIG Mikhail Petrov
SloFIG Devi Raja


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