Project Summaries (as of 9/15/14)

Here are the client project summaries as of 9/15/14.

Client Overview Project Summary
Blue 1647 is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center focused on education (through classes and workshops), workforce development (through internships), business acceleration, and economic development in technology and 21st century skills. Assess market demand, consider analogous services and develop pricing model options for the social enterprise arm of Blue 1647, a workforce development program that trains young people (16-24) to be a “Geek Squad” for the community.
Chicago Public Library encourages lifelong learning by welcoming all people and offering equal access to information, entertainment and knowledge. Develop a plan for establishing a robust small-business co-working space that supports small business owners and their mentors and investors.
Data Analysts for Social Good are a collective of social sector leaders that utilize data to help nonprofit and social organizations succeed. A strategic marketing plan that can be executed on in the next 18-24 months to enable Data Analysts for Social Good to deftly position itself in a dynamic and emerging field.
Free Spirit Media advances education and digital learning for youth through hands-on and project-based media production opportunities. Develop an analytic and work process flow (including a sales funnel tool) for Free Spirit Media’s nascent “Production for Hire” earned-revenue arm to increase sustainability and organizational impact.
IFF is a nonprofit lender and real estate consultant dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and the communities they serve. Analyze motivations of nonprofit developers for purchasing foreclosed vacant properties and create a dashboard and financial pro-formas that enable IFF to identify communities that could benefit.
Jail Education Solutions provides educational and informational content designed to motivate, enable, and inspire jail inmates. Assess opportunities for inmates to develop job skills and attain employment via a digital, tablet-based educational platform and make recommendations for implementing a program.
SloFIG is a network of angel investors focused on rebuilding a vibrant food system supporting Chicago. There are two phases to the project.  The fist phase focuses on identifying appropriate metrics to assess the success of both our debt and equity investments that take into consideration financial return and social impact.  The second phase focuses on fine-tuning our deal process to improve the efficacy and reduce turnaround time from screening through due diligence, negotiation and close.

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