Weekly Reports – A Primer

Hi Folks,

I imagine by now some of you are wondering “What is supposed to go in that weekly report again?” – probably because I wasn’t very specific last week.  Weekly Reports need to describe current objectives, intended activities, insights from the previous week and work to date, and anticipated goals for the following week.

For Week 2 specifically I’d like to see:

  • Completed project management summary that includes an updated/refined scope with some explanation of why the evolution has occurred (if the scope didn’t change no problem!)
  • I will be looking for (in particular) your understanding of the deliverables and what will be involved in being able to deliver the deliverables.

Future reports should include (minimally)

¨ The team’s next 3 steps and why are these the “right ones” now given the overall project

¨ Concerns, challenges or obstacles your team is facing

¨ Resources your team needs to complete your project

¨ Your recent agendas from your most recent client meeting and your most recent team meeting

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