Site Visit Lab with Christy Uchida; Updated Required Reading

11/4/ 14

Good morning,


If you have been unable to access the Jason Saul (Chapter 3 in The End of Fundraising), please use this alternate reading: 

On Thursday, we will host Christy Uchida, Senior Program Officer from the Brinson Foundation. She will share some of her career pathway and, in particular, the ways in which she was asked to think about impact and measurement in her roles running a growing nonprofit, heading a corporate community giving area and, now as a senior program officer for a leading family foundation.


After an initial presentation and some Q & A it will be YOUR TURN. This is your chance to ask for money for your organization. (Not real money. Pretend money. But a real conversation).

INSTRUCTIONS: You will have 3 minutes to describe your social enterprise and an area need of funding/investment. Be ready to talk about your social enterprise’s mission, goals, intended impact and what you need money for & why the funding will matter to the work at hand. This can be an informal presentation; you don’t have to have slides or documents.  Most of this should be familiar at this point.

Christy will be doing some prepatory work to familiarize herself with each of your organizations, just as she would for any site visit.

I look forward to an interactive class and to giving you all the chance to experience what a site visit on behalf of your social enterprise might be like.


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