John Tolva will help us consider “The Value of Open” for social enterprise

jtolva_photoOn November 13th we will be hosting John Tolva, President of PositivEnergy Practice former CTO of the City of Chicago at Kellogg. John is a dynamic speaker with an incredible vision for how cities can function as platforms for progressive social change. He’ll be sharing thoughts with us about what the value of “open” is (and might not be) for the civic and private sectors.

KIEI 452 is co-hosting John’s talk and the reception that follows. I’d love to see our class lead the group with engaged and informed questions!

Please read Alfred & Alfred, “From Entrepreneurs to Civic Entrepreneurs (Code for America, 2013) and consider the ways in which being more (or less) “open” may have implications for your client and their social enterprise.

(If this stuff gets your juices flowing you’ll probably like just about anything in Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation (Links to an external site.) – available for free online.)

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