Next week: Week 9!

Good morning,

I’ve updated the final presentation calendar on Canvas. Please review it and make sure the information posted is correct for your team.


We will be in Room 2245 on Thursday.


Please do the required readings:

We will do a quick check in on team projects, I’ll give a short lecture about Collective Impact and then we will do a workshop to dissect the case studies. You can pick any of the studies you like. (I encourage some of you to pick one of the studies OTHER than Chicago.) Case studies are extremely short so feel free to look at the references or research cited at the end of the study to get a better idea of the elements.

LAST WEEK-November 13th

Thanks for the engaged discussion last week with John. He crammed a LOT in that presentation – and you asked terrific questions. I am working on getting John’s slide deck as well as an edited version of the video up online as soon as they’re in my hands.


Reminder: We do not have class the week of November 24. Our last class together will be December 4th. Each team will present their projects during the final week using an abbreviated format (obviously) and we’ll have some time to discuss the course overall.

See you Thursday in 2245.


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