Harlem Children’s Zone

Thanks for a great class last night -and your observations about the opportunities (and challenges) of trying to think about Collective Impact in the social entrepreneurship sphere.

Before I forget here’s some information about the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), which was founded by Geoffrey Canada in 1997 and focused originally on 24 New York City Blocks.

  • This is a good top-level look at assessing HCZ and the factors contributing to success – as well as consideration of what makes success replicable (or not).
  • There is a good overview of the program and its evolution (which got a lot of attention when it was originally published) called “Whatever it Takes” by Paul Tough.

I’ll send along a guide for our December 4th class time early next week. If you have suggestions about what would be most useful for you or your team during this time please email.

Have a great Thanksgiving break,


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