Kellogg KIEI 452 Fall 2014


I am teaching KIEI 452, “Social Entrepreuership: Designing for Change,” for Kellogg during Fall Quarter 2014. (It’s known informally as Kellogg’s “Social Enterprise Lab.”) This class aims to offer an introduction to the history, theory, structures and emerging debates in social entrepreneurship. Most specifically we will explore – in class and through projects – social entrepreneurship as a field as well as a mechanism for designing for social problem solving.

The lab component of this course enables teams of Kellogg students to work on a social change initiative in partnership with a local organization. Student teams will work with revenue-generating initiatives and for-profit companies working in education, food and sustainability, economic and community development, and civic and open data sectors. This class is intended for students who want to start, work for, advise or invest in a business designed to have a social impact.


As of September our client organizations are: Blue 1647, Chicago Public Library, Data Analysts for Social Good, Free Spirit Youth Media, IFF, Jail Education Solutions, Sustainable Local Food Investment Group (SloFIG).

Click HERE for a brief overview of the organizations and their projects.


KIEI 452 Syllabus of 7/31/14: KIEI 452-Lyon-Social Entrepreneurship-Designing for Change-Syllabus-Fall 2014


Click HERE for a summary of the topics and links to readings by week. This list will be more up to date than the originally posted syllabus.


I will upload some of the class presentations to slide share. You can find these HERE.