Course Requirements & Grading

This is a team project-oriented course. Grading is weighted to reflect the work you do with your  team. Your final grade will be comprised as follows:
10% Class contribution
10% Reflective paper
20% Team peer evaluations
10% Project site feedback
10% Weekly team progress reports
40% Final project

Timeline of Course Deliverables

  • Weekly Status Reports (Weeks 2-9)
  • Team Evaluations (Week 6 & 10)
  • Retrospective Paper (by Week 10)
  • Final Project (Week 10)

Class Contribution (10%)
Students will be expected to analyze, discuss and debate foundational questions about  social entrepreneurship in its current form. Students are expected to come to class having completed required readings and be prepared to participate in constructive discussion, critiques and of readings. In addition we will occasionally work in teams on interactive assignments during class.
Regular participation in class is expected. I will occasionally assign an in-class
interactive assignment to be completed during class. If you need to miss a class please let me know in advance.

Reflective Paper (10%) Each student will write an individual 2-3-page paper at the end of the term. The purpose of this paper is to enable you to reflect on “big picture” ideas you have taken away from this experience. Questions to answer: what worked and what did not work with respect to project management? What would you have done differently? What insights did you gather about social entrepreneurship? What do you think about some of the thematic tensions in the field? What three lessons might you apply if you were to start/manage/fund a social venture?

Team Peer Evaluations (20%) All students will participate in two peer evaluations – one mid-term and one at the end. Each peer evaluation represents 10% of your grade. These evaluations, scored on a scale of 1-5, will provide insight into individual team members’ contributions to the team’s productivity, final project and to the overall team performance.

Client Feedback (10%) Each Client site will provide feedback to me on your team’s project management and final project deliverables. This feedback will be taken into account in your grade.

Weekly Team Progress Reports (10%) Teams will submit a weekly progress report. Reports will describe current objectives, intended activities, upcoming interviews and outreach strategies, insights from the previous week and work to date, and anticipated goals for the following week.

Final Project (40%) Each team will make a final presentation at the host project site and deliver a final project binder. I will be present at each team’s final presentation. An evaluation rubric used to evaluate final project deliverables will be available to students and to sites in advance.

Projects will be evaluated in terms of
• Whether deliverables are actionable, relevant and appropriate for the
organization’s future sustainability;
• Whether recommendations are supported by facts, analysis, logic and validated assumptions;
• Whether there is enough information to understand your team’s methodology, findings and organizations can implement your recommendations.

Each team must submit two copies of the final report in a binder and one on a flash drive to me. One binder is for the client and the other binder, along with the flash drive, is for me. The report should include: Signed cover page; copy of the final presentation; appendices including detailed write ups of the interviews, surveys or bibliography of related research, etc.; supplemental information that may be required to provide background detail. Supplemental information should ensure your client understands your methodology, analysis, findings and can implement your recommendations.