Topics & Readings by Week

KIEI 452: Social Entrepreneurship: Designing for Change (Fall 2014)

(Note: This page will be more up to date than the posted 7/31/14 Syllabus. Required readings are indicated below but all the readings are juicy so go ahead and indulge at will!)


Week 1 – Orientation/Getting Started

Week 2 – Client Site Visits

Week 3 – What is Social?

Week 4 – Nuts & Bolts: Structures & Sectors

  • Commonwealth Club, for good.” (Commonwealth Club, 2014). This is an interview between Ben Rattray, Founder, in Conversation with Matt Mullenweg, CEO, Automattic; Lead Developer, WordPress. Required viewing; ;inimally watch from minutes 6 through 13. Five minutes. You’ll be glad you did it.
  • Foster and Bradach, “Should Nonprofits Seek Profits?” (Harvard Business Review, 2005) – This is a required reading. If you do not have access to the Harvard Business Review it is available via the packet.

Week 5 – Dollars & Sense: Funding & Sustainability

Week 6 – Business Models

  • Osterwalder & Pigneur, Business Model Generation. (2010) Pages 1-44 are required reading. We will be doing an in-class project based on this book,  and, minimally, these pages.

Week 7 – Missions and Measurement (Evaluating for What?)

uchida_DSC0268Christy Uchida will visit with us to share observations and insights about evaluation and impact measurement across the nonprofit, corporate and private philanthropy sectors. Christy, a Kellogg MBA, served as the Managing Director for Redmoon (a leading Chicago nonprofit organization), as Community Investor for Global Corporate Citizenship at the Boeing Company and is now a senior Program Officer for the Brinson Foundation. Christy will talk with us about how these sectors think about impact and measurement and help us think through these questions on behalf of our clients and their projects.

Week 8 – Change Making in Chicago: What is the Value of Open?

jtolva_photoWe will be hosting John Tolva, President of PositivEnergy Practice, former CTO of the City of Chicago. John is a dynamic speaker with an incredible vision for how cities can function as platforms for progressive social change. He’ll be sharing thoughts with us about what the value of “open” is (and might not be) for the civic and private sectors.

Week 9: Collective Impact

Week 10: Putting the Pieces Together